Cost of Hair Extensions, 10 Essential Things to Consider.

Cost of Hair Extensions, 10 Essential Things to Consider.

Intro To Hair Extension Pricing

cost of hair extensions

Hair extensions offer an easy way to get that luscious, Hollywood-style, full head of hair you’ve always dreamed about. With a few quick weaves or braids, you can instantly swap out your dull old hair for show-stopping, gorgeous locks. It seems like there are a million options in the market today, but not all hair extensions are equal. There are plenty of budget-friendly options out there, but remember that you get what you pay for! High-quality hair will usually give you the best result, but there is no reason why you shouldn’t also play around with a less-expensive alternative.

With so many types of hair available, it is impossible to get a quote without a consultation. Your stylist will need to know what look you are going for and your budget before they can recommend hair that meets your needs. Even if you are planning to do the job yourself at home, you should talk it through with a trusted professional to prepare for any problems that may arise.
Hair extensions are an investment, so it’s wise to know what you’re getting yourself into. The national average cost of hair extensions is between $200 and $600. On the low end, clip-in and tape-in hair extensions range from $100 to $200. Professional glued-in extensions prices are between $600 up to $3,000 for a full-head of extra-long, permanent, cold-fusion extensions with virgin hair.
In this article, we will talk about the average costs in the U.S.A. for different types of extensions. The costs comparisons will be similar to the U.K., but it will depend on where your extension specialist is based – New York or Knightsbridge or Ohio or Manchester. Local costs will vary, but when you buy online, the prices in generally cost constant.

Clip-In Costs

clip in hair costs of hair extensions

Clip-in Hair Extensions come in different packages, but because Remy Hair is the most delicate hair on the market, we will only talk about “Remy Hair” clip-in extensions. These extensions can be attached by clipping them into your hair and they can easily be removed. On average, it takes three to four hours to apply a full head of hair.

Unlike the more expensive options, clip-ins can be easily put in and removed quickly at any time (e.g., for a party) without causing damage to your natural hair. Clip-ins can also come in a variety of colours, lengths, and types such as lace front, micro loop, wefted, etc.

Clip-in hair extensions are an excellent option for thicker hair or those that don’t want to put in the time or funds for getting sew-in extensions.

Some salons will charge an hourly rate to apply extensions you buy yourself; however, it can often be a better idea to purchase hair through a licensed hairdresser. That being said, after a bit of practice, you can certainly install your own clip-ons or get a friend to help.


Single Drawn or Double Drawn?

You can have Remy hair that is double drawn, 120 grams,18 inches long. This could cost you anywhere from $130-$160.You can also have Human Hair that is single drawn, 120 grams,18 inches long. This could cost you $50-$100.

Single drawn hair is thick at the top but thin and sparse near your scalp. It will cost less than double drawn hair. Double drawn hair is thick and full from top to bottom. This is considered high-quality virgin Brazilian hair, which can only be found in stores like


cost of hair extensions tape in

Tape-in cost is a hair extension system that does not use any chemicals, glue or tools to install. It simply tapes in between your already existing hair. The extensions are made of 100 % human hair and they come in thin wefts. This method of hair extensions is quite new.

Achieve a “layered” look in just minutes and feel like you have “brand new hair” in just hours.

The price of tape-in extensions is determined by length, volume, texture, style, material. Cheap hair could be expensive for you since they are not durable.

The price for tape-in hair extensions can vary between $60 and $500. It is a good idea to invest in high-quality human hair if you are planning to keep our hair extensions for a very long time.

The cost depends on the length of your hair, volume, texture, and style. It’s good to invest in a high-quality human hair product if you’re serious about your hair length, volume, texture or style. And human hair extensions will cost above $130.

Tape hair extensions are one of the hottest trends right now. in salons, The hairstylist can apply a full head of hair extensions in less than one hour. When tape in hair extensions are applied by a skilled hairstylist, they can last up to 12 weeks with proper care.

The top benefit of tape-in hair extensions is that they are reusable, but with the most natural look and permanent results compared to other hair extension methods.


If you have thick hair, you should consider sew-in extensions as an affordable option. This is because they last for up to 6 weeks.

Unlike the cheaper options, high-quality sew-ins won’t damage your hair tips as they don’t require heat during application. However, these products are known to create more tension on your scalp, which can break your natural hair strands.

Sew-in extensions cost between $60 to $300,

Micro Beading.

Micro-bead hair extensions are tiny beads that you can attach to your own hair, giving you long, thick hair. Micro-beads are made of polypropylene and each bead is around 0.3 millimetres in diameter and 4 millimetres in length. You attach micro-beads to your own hair by using special tools. Micro-beads are different from other human or synthetic hair products because they don’t cause damage to your own hair. On the downside, they require extra care during styling and maintenance appointments every month or two for adjustments. They are very reasonably priced with the cost of hair extensions ranging from $800 upwards in a good salon.

Fusion Extensions

Unlike clip-in hair extensions, fusion hair extensions use strands of human hair to thicken and extend your natural hair. Depending on the quality of the product you buy, the glue will also have varying degrees of hold. With proper care and maintenance, it can last for up to a year in good condition.

Fusion hair extensions are a great way to lengthen thin or poorly textured hair. They provide a natural looking, soft, light weight, more voluminous switch to your own hair without damaging it. These extensions are suitable for most hair types and come with a minimum life expectancy of three months. These are highly durable. The only downside is that they are high-maintenance.

Keratin Bond :hair extensions cost between $800 to $1,400.

Maintenance. Additional Costs of Hair Extensions.

cost of hair extension maintenance

Did you know that your standard shampoo and conditioner routine doesn’t cut it when dealing with extensions? Or at least, it doesn’t always.

To keep your hair looking gorgeous, avoid shampoos containing sulphates and opt for a conditioner or mask that is highly moisturising. Stylists recommend trying Alterna Caviar Repair ($29) which contains caviar extract to help maintain healthy hair that’s been over-processed.

You may find that your own hair becomes a little drier than normal, as you won’t be applying conditioner near their bonds. We suggest that in this case you should divide your hair into two pigtails, and apply Easilocks Leave-in Spray Conditioning to the ends of your natural tresses.
Once you’ve got used to them, getting extensions is a walk in the park. If you have an unpleasant experience at first, just return to your stylist and tell them where things are going wrong – they’ll fix it for you.
They’re like pet hair — you only tend to notice them in the first week when they’re in your face, but simply tying your hair up before you go to bed (which you should do anyway because it’s so much softer and sleeker) makes them a lot more manageable.
When it comes to washing your hair, if you’re experiencing itchiness, this could simply be the result of not properly rinsing your shampoo. Take longer to rinse your hair every time you shower, because the product takes longer to drop down the hair shaft when you have extensions and suds can become trapped between the tapes, causing itchiness.
To make sure your extensions last as long as possible, here’s why you should brush them through twice daily, use a weekly hair mask and heat protectant spray every time you style them – and sleep with them in a braid at night.
Melia offers an affordable option of Melia Hair Mask ($10) – coconut oil that can be massaged into the scalp and left for up to 20 minutes before washing out with warm water.

I am a huge fan of Moroccan Oil. I use the shampoo, conditioner, and Moroccan Oil Treatment every time I wash my hair. I apply the oil before blow-dry, and then spray the heat protector in my damp hair before styling.

Although the idea of washing my hair every three days seemed like a dream, I was used to washing it daily. But with more hair came more oil. I realized there are ways to avoid this. One being dry shampoo and sometimes even not washing at all. Although you don’t “technically” have to wash over 6-7 days, it is not recommended either.

If you want some really great advice on caring for your extensions (especially tape-ins) then checkout Life with heidi blog which has some excellent tips.

The cost of maintenance will depend entirely on what your stylist charges but this could set you back around $120 each time.

Is it Safe to Colour My Extensions?

hair extensions colour

You should never try to colour your precious extensions a lighter shade since you would need to bleach them.  Bleaching is a harmful chemical process that can alter the quality of your set, and even damage it.

If you are in-between shades, it is far safer to opt for the lighter colour and taking your set to a professional hair colourist to have them dye your set a darker shade in order to achieve an overall match. Similarly, if you have highlights, we strongly suggest going for a shade that matches the lightest highlight in your hair and having a professional hair colourist add in lowlights to your set.

We highly recommend that you dye or tone the sample prior to treating the entire set. You want to be sure that you are happy with the results before treating the entire set. If not, no harm was done as you can test a fresh hair sample.

Takeaways on Cost of Hair Extensions.

Should I do clip-ins or a more permanent method Like Microbeads?

Microbeads are a fun alternative to clip-in extensions. I don’t have time to install extensions every time I want a new look, so my microbeads are a great choice for me.

My Wedding is Coming Up, What Should I Choose?

Wedding season is upon us and you’ve probably started thinking about how to adapt your look for various events. If you realize that an outer glow of confidence will be the key to your perfect self-expression, you should consider clip-in extensions as a worthwhile investment.

Can I Wear Extensions at the Gym?

YES! For some lucky girls, invisibility is a superpower. It’s a painless procedure that makes your tresses visible only to you.

Final Thoughts

Whilst we are very happy indeed if you decide to buy extensions to do yourself at home you should also factor in the costs if things go wrong:

If you accidentally mess up and ruin an extension.
The cost of colour touch-ups and hair growing out.
Additional products to take care of your extensions.
Buying the essentials to attach and detach your extensions properly as needed.

.So in the end, its up to you to to weigh out your pros and cons with the costs of hair extensions.. If you feel comfortable applying your extensions at home, or have a freind who has experience in doing it, we would encourage you to use clip ins as they are easy to apply, last longer if cared for properly, and pose much less risk to the health of your natural hair.

💁🏻 I'm a self-taught hair colourist, beauty influencer + blogger in London. My mission is to inspire others to master the art of hair - feeling confident in the process. 💪🏻💕

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💁🏻 I'm a self-taught hair colourist, beauty influencer + blogger in London. My mission is to inspire others to master the art of hair - feeling confident in the process. 💪🏻💕

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