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Fascinators – What They Are, How To Make Them and Wear Them.

by Administrator

Let’s start the with most important question we are asked by young ladies – “What is a fascinator?”  So we will try very hard to explain to you the basic elements of wearing and. indeed, making a ‘fascinator’.

What are Fascinators?

Fascinators are compact headpieces that are generally worn on the right side of the head.They are usually created from beads, ribbons and feathers and can be fastened to headbands, combs or clips.

A fascinator is certainly not a hat as the following video will clearly show.

The main difference between a hat and a ‘fascinator’ is that  a fascinator is a decoration mounted on base like a comb, headband or clip, and fastened to the head.

How are fascinators used?

A fascinator can be worn in many ways, but typically is affixed to the front or side of the head. It looks best when worn just above the eyebrow. If a veil is attached, the veil may fall just below the eye.

This gold fascinators worn by Princess Beatrice of York and Kate Winslet and the elegant fascinator worn by the Duchess of Cambridge show how stylish a fascinator can be at the most elegant of social occasions.

It can also be put on as a tiara or towards the back of the head is the hair is dressed in an updo or has a chignon or curled style.

A fascinator looks best when worn to the side or back of the head. If it is positioned on the top of the head it would regrettably look like the person’s head sprouted feathers or flowers!

Handy tips for styling a fascinator

– Keep it in proportion to your head, body, and hairstyle size. For instance, if you have a large head or big hear, do not wear a dainty fascinator. You will look better with a larger style.

– Try to keep your hairstyle uncomplicated so it does not distract from your fashion accessory. A simple ponytail, a slicked-back style, or a slightly-curled free-falling style look best.

– Keep it stylish and classy. There is no need to sport a 3-foot ostrich feather off the top of your head! Start small and simple.

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