The Art of Choosing Hair Extensions


When it comes to things like hair extensions, it’s important to find exactly what you want. This is why the internet and online stores are booming. If you’re looking for hair extensions, don’t worry because we can help. We have all sorts of hair extensions in all kinds of styles. Find great human hair extensions that offer you the same quality or even better quality than some salons.

Buying hair extensions without having seen them can be a bit daunting. That’s why we carefully select every company we partner with to bring you the highest quality at an affordable price.
Extensions use either human or synthetic hairs that you glue on to your hair with chemicals to create a fuller look. Although both types of hair extensions can last up to three months, human hair extensions tend to be more long-lasting.
You can treat your new hair just as you would treat your very own natural locks. This means washing, dyeing, and even using heat tools, with no fear of burning or damaging the extension. The only difference is that human hair extensions are always in excellent condition, without any frizz or tangling!
Synthetic hair extensions may look and feel fabulous, but the biggest problem with them is that they don’t blend in with your natural hair. This can give you an unnatural and untidy look.

Human Hair v Synthetic Hair Extensions.

You need to think about the benefits of extensions. But prices can often be an issue, and you might not be sure you want to use extensions. So cheaper, synthetic extensions might be a good solution whilst you are still deciding.
You can see the difference between human hair and synthetic hair the minute you open the package. Human hair has a natural shine like it looks like real hair should. A strand of Human hair usually bends at least once without either breaking or splitting.
It is not hard to blend long hair extensions with mid-length hair. But if you have little or no natural hair, then it is a little harder. Hairdressers recommend getting hair extensions to look more natural if your natural hair is at least 4 inches long.
For a neat, natural finish, it’s best to mix lengths and layers for different textures. This will give your overall look more depth and balance.

Colour Matching Tips

Maybe you didn’t know this, but you should never look for a hair match with your roots when buying a hair extension. You can blend your high-quality extensions with your natural hair, and the colour of your roots will not matter.
Good hair isn’t just about length. It’s about width, volume, and styling versatility. Our extensions are designed with this in mind, so you can still have a red carpet moment even if your roots are showing.
Since human hair is used for extensions, you can dye them without damaging your natural hair colour. Since your clip in extensions will be made out of real human hair, care should be taken to only dye them infrequently and avoid chemicals.
With a seemingly endless variety of colours and textures, hair extensions can enhance your look, lengthen your locks, and give you the freedom to experiment with new styles.
Have you ever wished over and over again that you could have a quick fix for your hair? Or perhaps, you’re looking for an inexpensive way to change the way you look. If so, clip in hair extensions are the answer. They’re affordable and can completely transform your look.
If you want to change your look but don’t want to commit to cutting your hair, choosing the perfect hair extensions can be the ideal choice. Try them for yourself and see how amazing you look!
Let our prices wow you as much as our choices. We carry all different kinds of wigs and hair extensions to suit any and every style. If you don’t see what ya need, message us – we can most likely order it in for you!