Fake Blunt Bangs Hair Extensions


If you want to be on the trend and get beautiful hair while having fun doing it, try our Fake Blunt Bangs! These synthetic blunt bangs hair extensions will hold your hair back and reinvigorate your party hairstyle. You can wear them out dancing, to a bar or club or party, they will bring glamour into your life.

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B3 16B3 27B3 12B3 4B3 613B3 M2 30B3 M27 613B3 M8 613B3 10B3 1BB3 2B3 4 33B3 M2 33B3 4 30B3 6B3 60B3 8B3 33
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Product specification
Length: 22cm
Texture: Straight
Type:blunt bangs
Materail: synthetic hair


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B3 16, B3 27, B3 12, B3 4, B3 613, B3 M2 30, B3 M27 613, B3 M8 613, B3 10, B3 1B, B3 2, B3 4 33, B3 M2 33, B3 4 30, B3 6, B3 60, B3 8, B3 33


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