WHOLESALE 10A Grade 3/4 Loose Body Wave Bundles


Your search for the most popular hair extension is finally over. This 10A grade hair extension with Closure and Shake ‘N Go Curl style is all 100% virgin unprocessed human hair with no synthetic fibre or animal hair. The curvy tail makes the hairstyle stand out and give you a more charming look.

If you don’t know what to do with your own hair, the answer is really so simple. Just get yourself some of these virgin loose body wave bundles., treat them like your own hair, cut and styled in any way you please, and be as creative as you like!

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8/10/12 Inch10/12/14 Inch12/14/16 Inch14/16/18 Inch16/18/20 Inch18/20/22 Inch20/22/24 Inch22/24/26 Inch24/26/28 Inch26/28/30 Inch28/30/32 Inch14/14/14 Inch16/16/16 Inch18/18/18 Inch20/20/20 Inch22/22/22 Inch24/24/24 Inch26/26/26 Inch28/28/28 Inch30/30/30 Inch32/32/32 Inch34/34/34 Inch36/36/36 Inch38/38/38 Inch40/40/40 Inch8/10/12/14 Inch10/12/14/16 Inch12/14/16/18 Inch14/16/18/20 Inch16/18/20/22 Inch18/20/22/24 Inch20/22/24/26 Inch22/24/26/28 Inch24/26/28/30 Inch26/28/30/32 Inch28/30/32/34 Inch14/14/14/14 Inch16/16/16/16 Inch18/18/18/18 Inch20/20/20/20 Inch22/22/22/22 Inch24/24/24/24 Inch26/26/26/26 Inch28/28/28/28 Inch30/30/30/30 Inch32/32/32/32 Inch34/34/34/34 Inch36/36/36/36 Inch38/38/38/38 Inch40/40/40/40 Inch
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Don’t fall prey to one of those “what I ordered” versus “what I got” situations when you are shopping online, choose Human Hair Extension Bundles from BeuMax Hairs. This 10A grade hair extension with Closure and Romance Funmi Curl style is all 100% virgin unprocessed human hair with no synthetic fiber or animal hair. The exquisite workmanship of this machine double weft makes it neat, tight, and durable to use. The double weft human hair looks more natural, soft, smooth, and bouncy with one direction cuticles, resulting in no tangling, no shedding, and no lice. This human hair extension can be treated like your own hair. You can dye, bleach, color it and restyle as you want. The weave hair human bundle is a perfect add-on to your natural hair for party, daily styles, shopping, wedding, or any special occasion.

Normally 3 hair bundles are enough for a full head. If you like thicker or need longer hair, it’s best to install one more bundle. If the hair is over 18”, using 4 bundles is recommended.

UNPROCESSED HAIR – This 10A hair extension has 100% unprocessed, virgin human hair that has never been chemically processed, dyed, colored, or bleached and has neat and healthy ends. This type of hair can last for years with proper care.

BODY TEXTURE – This type of 10A virgin hair extensions have a natural-looking pattern, which adds a full-bodied, smooth, wavy look to your natural hair. The fabulous wavy hybrid look will be maintained even after multiple washes and can be easily rejuvenated during hairstyling.

NO TANGLE & SHEDDING – This 10A soft, thick, and elegantly bouncy machine double weft hair extension not only adds more thickness and volume to your hair but also ensures no smell, shedding and tangling.

LIKE YOUR NATURAL HAIR – The 10A virgin Malaysian hair extension with frontal is just like your own natural hair! You can dye it, color it, bleach it. You can restyle it the way you want to look.

PACKAGE CHOICE – This 10A hair extension package comes in multiple choices (with closure or frontal and in multiple sizes), which is enough to cover a full head.


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8/10/12 Inch, 10/12/14 Inch, 12/14/16 Inch, 14/16/18 Inch, 16/18/20 Inch, 18/20/22 Inch, 20/22/24 Inch, 22/24/26 Inch, 24/26/28 Inch, 26/28/30 Inch, 28/30/32 Inch, 14/14/14 Inch, 16/16/16 Inch, 18/18/18 Inch, 20/20/20 Inch, 22/22/22 Inch, 24/24/24 Inch, 26/26/26 Inch, 28/28/28 Inch, 30/30/30 Inch, 32/32/32 Inch, 34/34/34 Inch, 36/36/36 Inch, 38/38/38 Inch, 40/40/40 Inch, 8/10/12/14 Inch, 10/12/14/16 Inch, 12/14/16/18 Inch, 14/16/18/20 Inch, 16/18/20/22 Inch, 18/20/22/24 Inch, 20/22/24/26 Inch, 22/24/26/28 Inch, 24/26/28/30 Inch, 26/28/30/32 Inch, 28/30/32/34 Inch, 14/14/14/14 Inch, 16/16/16/16 Inch, 18/18/18/18 Inch, 20/20/20/20 Inch, 22/22/22/22 Inch, 24/24/24/24 Inch, 26/26/26/26 Inch, 28/28/28/28 Inch, 30/30/30/30 Inch, 32/32/32/32 Inch, 34/34/34/34 Inch, 36/36/36/36 Inch, 38/38/38/38 Inch, 40/40/40/40 Inch


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