Weave Styles ,Best Affordable Hair Extensions 2021

Weave Styles ,Best Affordable Hair Extensions 2021

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With hair extensions, you can get the long hair you’ve always wanted without waiting for it to grow. It’s a great way to add oodles of style to your tresses without sacrificing hours of waiting for your hair to grow. Whether you are after straight weave styles or magic curls, extensions are the way to go. The process usually takes around three hours in total, but for many people, myself included, a hair appointment is something to look forward to.

Weave Styles and Wigs

A wig can instantly transform the appearance of your hair and allow you to change your look without undergoing harmful chemical treatments. Weaves offer a more natural-looking option for those wishing to change their hairstyle. Hair extensions have been around since the dawn of man. Weaves, braids, and ponytails were all forms of hair extension before putting in synthetic fibre to add length or volume. But how do hair extensions affect your hair growth? Is it healthy? Let’s find out.

Hair Weaves:

If you want to have fun with your hair, consider a weave. It’s the quickest and most fun way to add some spice and excitement to your hairstyle. No matter the occasion, there’s a weave for you. And finding the right one doesn’t have to be a hair-raising experience.

Virgin hair is just one of many kinds of weave hair that you can install to make your look complete. From a simple weft to micro-braids, you can install your weave to your liking. Virgin hair is the best option for adding length, volume and fullness to your hair. It can also use it to weave new hair in your existing hair.

Hair is a vital element of beauty for many women, especially African-American women. One of the easiest ways to change your overall look is to update your hairstyle and get a new weave.


extensions for dramatic weave stylesHair extensions come in two main categories: human hair and synthetic hair. Human hair tends to look and feel more natural. This type of extensions is impervious to heat, so you won’t accidentally burn your precious hair with your hairdryer or curling iron! The downside is that human hair extensions can be quite expensive. Hair extensions are usually a costly investment, but with Party Your Hair, you will save money on your hair extensions. Discounted price does not mean a cheap service, because our products are top quality and designed to last.

Before attempting a hair extension on yourself, there are many different factors to take into consideration. The best time and place to have the hair extensions professionally installed is by a professional in a beauty salon or parlour. If you’d rather not pay a salon to do it, install the extensions yourself. 

1. Bonded Hair Weave.

The least expensive kind of hair weave, Bonded hair, gets attached to your natural hair with a bonding agent. It’s less costly than the other types of hair weaves because it doesn’t last very long and must be replaced monthly.

2. Braided Hair Weave Styles

This hair weave approach does not require tools, sewing or heat. The hair can be styled in various ways and looks great with every type of natural hair. Side and middle parts are a breeze; ponytails, Bantu knots and updos are flawless, and the hand made braids look like you have been going to the salon for years.

3. Fusion Hair

This is the most lasting hair extensions technique because it is long-lasting. This procedure involves waxing the hair weave to the natural hair.

4. Micro Rings

This hair extensions method is applied with no glue or heat involved, jut small metal silicon lined rings. These are applied by gently threading the hair through a small ring; you insert the tip into the ring next to the natural hair. You then squeeze the ring shut using hair pliers to hold the extension hair in place.

Micro Rings are great for those with medium to thick hair and darker hair colours. These weave styles can be a smart choice for you if you don’t want your extensions to look “fake”.

Caring For Precious Weave Styles.

Hair weaves and extensions both require tender loving care. You’ll need to use a good conditioner every day. Remember that while natural hair gets the necessary oils and moisture from your scalp, hair extensions and hair weaves don’t!  Fortunately, thanks to new product innovations, there are options specifically made to fit all of your needs and they make hair care a breeze.

The Girl Hair brand specializes in nozzled shampoo, conditioner, and apple cider vinegar rinses that simplify placing product where it’s needed. Their formulas ensure your scalp is at it’s best under your new do. Also, depending on your hair extensions/hair weaves’ style and procedure, you might also have to visit the hairdresser every six weeks to fix your hair extensions due to your natural hair regrowth. 

To remove excess water from hair, place it inside a microfiber cloth during your next wash. While the cloth is damp and warm, take advantage of the time to give yourself a scalp massage to relieve stress. Apply oil to your scalp to combat flaking. The important thing is that you find an oil that suits your skin type, or else it will clog your pores.

Final tip: never, ever sleep with wet extensions!. When your hair is wet, it turns into a big glob of red-hot spaghetti. And I mean really messy – like, you can’t even see where one strand ends and another begins spaghetti. Bits get tangled in the other strands, turning them into even bigger messes. In the morning, you wake up with this wet blanket of hair on top of your head and don’t know where to start untangling because there’s just so much!

Whatever of the weave styles you choose, always consult with your hair specialist first and pick the safest extension methods. Choose extensions that your hair specialist recommends, and enjoy your new beauty!

💁🏻 I'm a self-taught hair colourist, beauty influencer + blogger in London. My mission is to inspire others to master the art of hair - feeling confident in the process. 💪🏻💕

sophie nix

💁🏻 I'm a self-taught hair colourist, beauty influencer + blogger in London. My mission is to inspire others to master the art of hair - feeling confident in the process. 💪🏻💕

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